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Wanita Mengandung Mengidam… Makan Surat Khabar

Antara barang yang cepat Sold Out dan berebut rakyat marhaen beli Lihat Sini

A pregnant woman has told how she has developed a “bizarre craving” for eating her local newspaper.

Ann Curran, 35, of Dundee, munches her way through copies of the Dundee Evening Telegraph.

She says it is the only “only newsprint with the proper flavour” and that she “stashes shredded copies in her handbag for emergency snacks”.

Ms Curran said: “I could be sitting in the bingo hall and I’ll start ripping out pages of the newspaper.

“All the people look at me going, ‘What is she doing?’. I tear the white bits off the edges of the pages and keep them in a bag so I can eat them while I’m shopping.”

The Sunday Sun reports that she stocks up on copies of the paper during the week so she has enough to eat at the weekends.

She added: “If you shredded up lots of different bits of paper, I would know exactly which one was the Evening Telegraph.

“My pals keep papers for me but I have to buy a couple of extras to get me through the weekend.”


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